Womens Bible Class

Week 10: To Sinai

November 15, 2022

Having been shows the Lord's rich provision for their thirst, their hunger, and their rest, the Israelites journey on toward the foot of Mount Sinai. But further challenges await them along the way.

Other Womens Bible Class Teachings


Week 9: Servants of Christ (Colossians 4)

Aina Carruth
April 9, 2024
In Colossians 4, Paul finishes his instructions to the typical Roman Christian household by addressing masters. He ends his letter by asking the Colossians to pray for him, specifically requesting an open door for the gospel. He then ends his...

Week 8: Put on Christ (Colossians 3)

Kelsey Hency
April 2, 2024
As those who have been raised with Christ, Paul outlines what a Christian is to “put off” and “put on.” Colossians 3 begins with an exhortation to set their minds on things above, put to death what is earthly, and...

Week 7: Alive in Christ (Colossians 2)

Taryn Mays
March 26, 2024
In chapter 2, Paul outlines the transformation of a Christian from spiritual death to spiritual life. He reminds the Colossians of their participation with Christ—they have been filled, circumcised, buried, raised, and made alive in Him.