Womens Bible Class

Week 10: To Sinai

November 15, 2022

Having been shows the Lord's rich provision for their thirst, their hunger, and their rest, the Israelites journey on toward the foot of Mount Sinai. But further challenges await them along the way.

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Week 5: The Book of the Covenant

Taryn Mays
March 14, 2023
Last week concluded our closer look at the Ten Words that make up the general requirements of the Mosaic Covenant. This week we will examine the Book of the Covenant (Ex. 20:22–23:33) and the ceremony in which Moses and the...

Week 4: The Ten Words (Part 2)

Kim Pearson
February 28, 2023
Last week we looked closely at the first five commands of the Ten Commandments—those dealing with honoring God and the people He has put in authority over us on earth. This week we will consider the remaining five—those dealing with...

Week 3: The Ten Words (Part 1)

Aina Carruth
February 21, 2023
The Ten Commandments are words of instruction given by a good God to his children. They point to his character and how he designed life to work best. They’re not a way to earn salvation but a path to joy...