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Sarah Murray

Communion Deacon

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When I was 11, two of my older siblings became believers in Christ and shared the hope of the gospel with me. I accepted Christ, but was not discipled until years later. As I entered college, I actively sought out growth in Christ through church and Christian campus organizations. It took several years for the Holy Spirit to move me to understanding of His lordship in my life and my position of surrender before Him. But my Christian walk didn’t fully make sense to me until I began to understand my heart.

I have always been the “good kid,” doing the right thing to avoid getting in trouble, way too concerned with the approval of man. God started to convict me of the darkness of my sin with internal things: judgmental thoughts, hateful attitudes, pride, pride, and pride. On the outside, I was a Christian, southern-hospitality woman, but I started to really see my sin, dark and rotting on the inside of me, and even though I knew Jesus had saved me many years earlier, I had been living a life of self-righteousness. When we moved to Texas and started attending The Village Church, Matt Chandler’s sermons gave me the vocabulary to name these things and to name what God had been convicting me of for several years. 

Slowly and patiently, the Lord, in His kindness, has taught me about these things. He has shown me where I am bent to seek my own way and gently turns my heart back to Himself. I’m so grateful for God’s forbearance, as it feels like I am like a small child, needing to be reminded over and over again of my selfish heart and disordered loves. Yet He continues to teach me, using the most unlikely situations and circumstances to remind me of my need for His grace. Marriage, motherhood, relationships with work colleagues, church membership and friendship--God uses all of these to keep showing me my inadequacy and my great need for the grace and forgiveness Christ provided through the cross. He is the Potter, I am the clay. 

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