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Josh Thomas

Lead College Minister

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About Josh

In 2008, I was a freshman at the University of Memphis. I joined a fraternity having every intent to enjoy the college experience. There was a Campus Outreach staff member who spent time sharing the gospel with my fraternity brothers. Initially I tried to avoid him, but sensing he was genuine, I couldn’t help but be drawn to him. I would’ve called myself a christian when I entered college, but as I spent time with him reading the bible I realized I didn’t believe the gospel. After hearing the gospel on repeat my freshman year I placed my faith in Christ for salvation in February 2008. I was discipled by a Campus Outreach staff who taught me how to read the bible, pray, and share my faith. Throughout my time in college I saw God lead a spirit led movement in the greek system that spread to the entire campus. I felt called when I graduated to go on staff with Campus Outreach and multiply my life on the college campus. I came on staff in 2013, and have been laboring at the University of Texas at Dallas ever since.

In 2016 I married my now wife Hannah. We have two sweet daughters. One born in July 2017, and the other in May 2019. Having lost my only brother when I was 12 years old, and my father when I was 19 years old I am so grateful to God who has given me a beautiful family of my own. 

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens church is that we would see the harvest field of this world. The billions of people in the world who have no access to the gospel. That our prayers, resources, and energy would be spent being faithful with the gospel where we are trusting that God will multiply it to the ends of the earth.

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We hold to the central beliefs of the Christian faith, as communicated throughout Scripture and summed up in the ancient creeds of the Church.