Critical Speech

May 5, 2024

In this passage, James directs us to choose humility over pride, contrasting the judgmental attitude with Jesus's teachings of love and empathy. James warns us against the harm caused by judgmental thoughts and speech. He emphasizes the importance of loving one's neighbor, warning against judgmental behavior in all aspects of life, echoing Jesus's call to love our neighbors as ourselves akin to Jesus' teachings on humility and contempt. Scripture: James 4:11–12

Other Sermon Teachings


Sincere Speech

Jamin Roller
June 16, 2024
The book of James has a lot to say about how we speak. In this sermon, we look at how James calls followers of Jesus to speak with integrity as people who keep their word. Scripture: James 5:12


June 2, 2024
Living in between the first and second coming of Jesus requires patience. James calls us to grow in patience with life, with people, and with God. Scripture: James 5:7-11

What to Do with Wealth?

Jonathan Dodson
May 26, 2024
James says some difficult things to the rich. How should we interpret them? How should Christians approach wealth? How much should we save and how much should we give? This message helps us grapple with these important questions from the...