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Chad Lawson

Sending Minister

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About Chad

From my earliest memories, I grew up hearing every Bible story and then seeing them acted out by my parents and their friends at Vacation Bible School. I knew a lot about Jesus. I am also a natural rule follower. This led me to find my identity in how “good” of a person I was and I found myself always playing the comparison game. Sometimes I would win and then I would feel superior to others and think God was proud of me. Sometimes I would lose and then I would be drowning in guilt and shame and be afraid that God hated me. My understanding of God was that he was a heavenly monitor.  

In the summer of 1997, my youth group went on a mission trip to Wyoming to work with kids. All week long I worked hard to help describe who God is and how much He loved them. My heart was moved for the first time as I realized I knew a lot about Jesus but I didn’t really know Jesus. At the end of the trip, I wept as I prayed for forgiveness and trusted my life to Jesus. Since this day, God has continued to shape me to be on mission for Him. I spent 17 years as a high school teacher and basketball coach, and now I have the joy of being the Mobilization Minister helping our church to be on mission for God.  

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens Church is that we would be transformed by the teaching of God’s Word and in response to His goodness we would be equipped and sent out to go and make disciples both in our community and in the nations to places where the Gospel is not known.

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