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Kaylee Boykin

College Life Intern

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About Kaylee

I was born and raised in Texas and my family and I have lived in Mckinney since 2005. I was raised in a Christian household and grew up going to church every Sunday. I accepted Christ at the age 7 sitting on the couch with my dad. I knew I was a sinner and I needed a savior, but it wasn’t until high school that I learned real dependence on the Lord. I have seen God’s grace and kindness throughout my life so far and will continue trusting and obeying where God is calling me.

I am going into my senior year at The University of Texas at Dallas and have enjoyed my 3 years I’ve gotten to study there. I am currently majoring in Business Administration. I also have had the privilege to play basketball at UTD all three years. My team won the ASC championship this past year and I'm excited to finish up my basketball career next year. I have attended Citizen since August of 2021 and I started going to College Life this past school year and joined a disciple group who met every week. I have even gotten the privilege to help lead our prayer group 242 on Sunday nights. Going to College life this past year, meeting with my D group and Sunday’s prayer group has grown my faith and trust in the Lord with being surrounded by other Christians my age.

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens Church is that it would continue to be a place that is full of grace and kindness to every single person who walks through the doors. I pray that we will meet people where they are at like Jesus so kindly did to me. I know that we really will divide pain and multiply beauty as a church.

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