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Molly Smith

Worship Minister

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About Molly

I grew up in a great family in west Texas. I came to know Jesus at a young age of 8 years old and my parents led me to the Lord. I later was baptized - although I was so young I genuinely believe that I had an understanding of my sin, Jesus' sacrifice and His victory in defeating death. Singing has always been a part of my life and what I studied in college. I had some slippery years after leaving home, but God in His grace led me back to Him through some tough experiences. Jeff, my husband, was instrumental in the Lord drawing me back to Himself. God has always been faithful. Jeff and I got married in 2014, moved to Dallas and started attending The Village Church Plano. I started serving in Fall 2015 and am so excited to be here. We now have two kids, Cohen and Norah.

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens is that we would be a people that seeks to love and serve others within and outside of the church. That we would worship in Spirit and Truth and in turn, live a life that is honoring to the Lord by allowing the Spirit to guide as we spread the truth of the gospel to those around us.

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We hold to the central beliefs of the Christian faith, as communicated throughout Scripture and summed up in the ancient creeds of the Church.